Underhand Tactics Used in the Ultimate SEO Challenge

Underhand Tactics Used in the Ultimate SEO Challenge

On Thursday 21st June ’12, my colleague Liam ‘Lewy’ Shepherd decided to gather the various quotes he had logged over the previous months relating to his choice of office music and create a page on his blog advertising his services as an office DJ. His aim was to rank #1 in Google.co.uk for the (previously) uncompetitive term, “Superstar Office DJ”.


Google Search Box 

The Challenge – Rank #1 for “Superstar Office DJ”

Given that I have had first-hand experience in having to endure Lewy’s appauling choice of office music, I decided that the title wasn’t exactly fitting, and that if someone did happen to be searching for a superstar office DJ, they would probably do better to use me. So, when he left the office… I created a page on my blog in order to compete for the #1 position.


Mike Hall Superstar Office DJ


Another colleague, Mr Michael Carden-Edwards agreed that I was more deserving of the top ranking for this particular phrase, and decided to publish a post on his own blog endorsing me as the ultimate superstar office DJ (along with a link to my site, thanks Mikey, and here’s yours – superstar office dj!). This post went straight in at #1, above mine which went in at #2, leaving poor Lewy bringing up the rear in 3rd.


Let The Games Begin

It would be fair to say that Lewy was less than pleased when he arrived in work the next day to find he had been overtaken by not only 1 colleague, but 2! It was then that he laid down the gauntlet… by Monday 23rd July, the person sitting in last place would be forced to spend 1 working day in the office, dressed as a banana.


Lewy As A Banana


So, over the past couple of weeks we’ve all been battling for the top spot, and a few more contenders have joined the race to #1. I had been sitting comfortably in first position for a good 10 days until this emerged:


Exact Match Domain


A quick WhoIs lookup reveals the culprit:


Who Is


Fair play – a legitimate tactic… a little underhand, but legitimate nonetheless. And this brand new domain with no links and very little content comes in at:


dj rankings


That’s right, in at #1… blast! Still, it’s not over until the 23rd July – I will pass you Lewy. Oh yes… I will pass you.




  1. Brand new domain, might I suggest building a few (thousand) links to it? ;)

  2. Just thought you’d like to know you’re winning atm ;)

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